Tell The Whole World…

It all starts with a dream. It continues when you fly. It culminates when you discover. You could discover a new you, a new experience or simply your old friend ‘Hangover’ who has accompanied you to these new, exotic climes. Dream Fly Discover is my new mantra and I want to tell the whole world all about it.

Travelling has been a passion of mine for 7 years. A constant urge to explore. Now I’m here to blog about it. I’ve got some stories to tell, some wisdom to impart and some epic fails that probably wouldn’t make it to print.

This is my first blog in what I hope will be a long tale of adventure, misfortune and debauchery. Hopefully it’ll entertain and educate. We can laugh together at my woes and perhaps you can share some of yours too. But be patient, it’s a work in progress.

Do you have your own travel blog? Do you have any tips for beginners?

Step one, complete. Step two, coffee.



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