Planning Prague

As I start to shift the building blocks that will form the foundations of this blog I will soon be abruptly interrupted by my first stint abroad as a travel blogger- how very rude of it. ‘How inappropriate’ I hear you cry! I’ve barely found my rhythm and now I need to take a break… oh, that familiar feeling.

The Wife and I will be enjoying Prague for 3 days, mid-April. Plans are hatching, plots are forming and free-walking-tour-reviews are getting marked, analysed and assessed. Yes, travelling with me is full of non-stop, scheduled, organised fun. A trip to the library later shall provide a plethora of travel books and parking spaces shall soon be booked!


Where? How? Why?

Call me a spoilt so-and-so, but this was a treat from The Wife for Christmas. It’s mid-April now so, boy, its been a long time coming (p.s. thank you though!). We’ll be travelling from London Gatwick LGW to Prague PRG with help from Easyjet to enjoy three nights in the bohemian capital of Europe. We’ll be staying at the swanky looking Motel One; a ‘reasonably priced’ , modern hotel in central Prague.


Well, why Prague, right? Nicknamed ‘The Golden City of a Hundred Spires’, Prague should be high up on the list for any European traveller looking for a weekend getaway or short break. The stunning medieval city is an architectural delight. As well as being an accessible city with striking facades, it has a story to tell and plenty to experience.

Prague is a small, walkable city which stradles the Vltava River with highlights such as Wencelas Square, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and the iconic cathedral up in Prague Castle all within about an hours walk. Prague is flourishing with lanes and quirky markets as well as vibrant pubs serving up great beer, so it is ideal for a casual stroll whilst taking in the local culture. The Corination Route aka Royal Way was the procession route to the Castle where the Czech kings were once crowned; now a tourist haven with stunning scenic surrounds. Think of me when you’re there.

Prague has also become a bit of a hot spot for Brits taking stag-do’s or boy’s holidays where large groups take advantage of Prague’s reasonably prices liquor and beer. It’ll be interesting to see the cultural crowd give way to the lads-on-tour types in the evenings. Popular clubs, bars and strip joints can be found around Wencelas Square. Don’t think of me when you’re there.


On our agenda then: walking, sightseeing, beer. Lots of beer. And then some more beer. In Prague, beer is a cultural thing… right?




Do you have any Prague tips? Advice? Things we should or shouldn’t miss?

Get in touch or leave a message in the comments section below!



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