Vietnam. An Accidental Adventure

Still recovering from our recent jaunt to Prague its very nearly time for this travel blogger to hit the road again (hit the air doesn’t really work… it just sounds like a very lonely high five, right?). Next stop, Vietnam, Cambodia, andddd (briefly) Thailand! I suppose “why I started a travel blog” has become kind of self-explanatory in this busy month. My blog is here is to share my experiences, to learn from others and to help me remember these experiences myself! I feel very lucky to be able to take these breaks and they’re not taken for granted. Right now it’s 22:35 and I’m waiting for a tube home from my London office after yet another later-than-expected day at work, so I feel this break is somewhat deserved. Everybody needs a treat and my drug of choice just happens to be travelling. What’s your poison?

Globe - dreamflydiscover

Where now?

So here’s the breakdown. 18 Nights, 10 Flights, 7 Cities, 3 Countries and a boat. We’re flying from London to Bangkok (via Amsterdam) and then straight onto Hanoi, Vietnam. We will take in Hanoi (plus Halong Bay), Hoi An, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh (aka Saigon) before moving onto Siem Reap in Cambodia to see Angkor Wat. One final afternoon in Bangkok for beer and Pad Thai down the Khao San Road and we’re homeward bound. Sounds exhausting!

Suitcase - dreamflydiscover

An accident, you say?

Well… Yes, this adventure all came around as a bit of an accident, I suppose. A friend of ours was in need of some holiday inspiration (back in October) and we were encouraging her to head East rather than to her usual Mediterranean getaways. We, the Wife and I, had a fantastic multi-stop break in Thailand just a few years back and were keen to give her a little nudge in the right direction to take the trip East and out of her usual comfort zone. You know the drill.

So the wife and I dug out the photo albums and done the price checks and put them forward to our dear friend. She still wasn’t convinced. Travelling around the far east is a far cry from her usual ‘sit down and relax’ holidays. As we dug deeper the prices got cheaper and cheaper. The flight times got better and better. In fact, it got to the point when we ourselves realised this offer was too good of value to pass up on.

We booked it. Two return tickets to Bangkok for 18 nights. On a whim.

Beach - dreamflydiscover

Airline websites are a dangerous place for self-confessed travelaholics and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you’ve been trapped this way yourselves. Our friend, meanwhile, ended up booking a trip to the Spanish coast. Just like last year.

Having already slid down the east coast of Thailand and bounced around the trio of Islands there in 2014, we decided to give Vietnam a go. We’ve heard lovely things from both friends and family who have traveled there and with a little help from some of our more experienced traveler friends we planned our itinerary and labelled it “the upside down heart”. We’ve booked all the flights independently using Skyscanner and accommodation through‘s lifesaving pay-later function.

We’re now tentatively watching the clock as we can’t wait to get this adventure on the air. Or should it be Road? See… it just sounds wrong. Oh, I give up!


We’ve got just twelve days to learn all that we can about our destinations whilst adding some essential must-dos to our busy itinerary. More to come on that in a blog in the not too distant future, I’d expect! Stay tuned!


Shades- dreamflydiscover

Have you ever taken a trip that you weren’t expecting? Ever been swayed by a cheap flight to somewhere exotic? I’d love to hear below. Also… Anybody with tips for Vietnam it’d be great to hear.

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