Me & My Backpack (3 Weeks Off)

After five fantastically fun weeks travel blogging about my Travel Fails, Travel Reviews and Travel Plans I am very sad to say I’ll be a little quiet over the next few weeks thanks to a little trip to Vietnam & Cambodia… of course I’m not sad… i’m frikkin ecstatic! Not only am I leaving for a huge adventure but I will come back bursting with new content. I’ll be taking a few casual notes whilst away but it is doubtful that I will blog from abroad. Don’t worry, I’ll miss you too. I’ve lined up a few scheduled posts; one being a Travel Fail from Cuba, a little Berlin education and also a montage of photos from my Australian road trip. Exciting! Back to the present…

Today I went to pick up my backpack from storage (aka Dream Fly Discover’s Mum’s house) and a few things struck me… Like its owner, it looks a little older than its last trip to Asia. It looks a little bit more worn than before but with scars that show a knowledge, scars that show experience and scars that scream a desire to travel more. It’s a little bigger and heavier than I remember, like its owner. It’s complex. There are hidden compartments everywhere and who knows what hidden secrets there may be when you push the right buttons. This backpack has also been lost on occasion, which also rings a bell with its owner. The backpack has a funky smell, like its been inside too long, like it needs this trip out as much as I do. We’re similar creatures, so it seems.

Suitcase - dreamflydiscover
However, the backpack is only part of the man. Its an accessory not a necessity. Man can travel without a backpack but backpack cannot travel without man.

This backpack has one trump card against this travel hungry blogger though. I have been to Asia only once before, but it seems this bag has already been twice. Once to Thailand, with me, but also another time… on its own…. This particular backpack was born (ok, made) in China. So it seems this bag is pretty well traveled itself… perhaps I’ll ask it for some tips or maybe it’ll write the next blog itself. I can hope.

Peace out & I’ll see you on the flip side.

Deck Chair- dreamflydiscover

Thanks for all the support, likes and follows. Its been a fun 5 weeks and my articles have been read far and wide; I’m amazed. To keep up-to-date on my travels when I’m not blogging check out my social media pages: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM.







5 thoughts on “Me & My Backpack (3 Weeks Off)

    1. Howdy! Sorry I’m so late to the party,bee working on some new content though so stay tuned. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 I’ve tried to return to your blog but it’s marked as private? Whatsup there?


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