Travel Fail: Confusion in Copenhagen

This one is a little short and sweet but it embarrassed The Wife soo much that I just had to share it… naturally!! Ha

So hopefully by now you’ve read my last blog post 19 Hours in Copenhagen in which we swapped a sad Sunday in London for a funtastic short stay in the Danish capital. The undoubted highlight of our trip was our free walking tour with the fab guys at And particularly Roger. Oh, Roger.

The tour was very informal and there was plenty of time for casual conversation as we travelled between points. Roger was enthusiastic about his passion of Copenhagen, travelling and walking tours in general. We talked about my work (I work in central London in an iconic building which Roger himself has visited- amazing) and then we talked about my Mrs’ work… Roger turns to Mrs Carl and couldn’t quite believe his ears…

R: “So what do you do for a living? Do you work in London too?
Mrs Carl: “I prosecute pubs” said The Wife as we stand on a street corner with traffic hurtling past

Stunned, Roger nearly drops the Latte he was holding and shouts out what he thought he heard…

R: “You PROSTITUTE in pubs?!?!?“”
Shock! Horror! The entire group of 12 stops walking and stares at us in stunned silence.

Me: “Whoa!!! No no no no….
Mrs Carl: “I PROSECUTE pubs, PROSECUTELike.. legally… for showing Sky Sports without a licence!“.

Roger wipes the sweat from his brow and apologises….
R: “Phew…wow… okay… sorry about that.. i thought you said… prostitute.. ah… ok.. moving on!

At this point Roger had to pick The Wife up from the floor as she was rolling around in stitches. I know that she will use this line herself in the future, directed at the most unsuspecting ears and I, for one, hope I’m there to catch their reaction!!!!

P.S. This whole ordeal is made all the more tickling when you realise that ‘Roger’ is old British slang (think Austin Powers) for ‘getting down and dirty’. Roger is also military slang for “Ok, I understand”… how ironic.

P.P.S. I think she needs to work on getting a better job title…


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