Future Travel Plans

Hey guys, its been a while! Work has been a bit crazy of late so I haven’t had much chance to get my head down and add a blog for some time now – sorry dudes! Despite this extra work load I’ve still managed to find some time to plan and book a few more trips abroad (of course!!) so here’s what the next 6 months has in store for Dream Fly Discover’s travels…

September: Venice, Italy

Mid-September will see The Wife and I celebrating our first wedding anniversary. We had a travel themed wedding (obviously) so it wasn’t long after our epic honeymoon adventure that we decided to book ourselves an anniversary break in Italy. We snapped up tickets as soon as BA released the seats (generally 9 months in advance) and I believe we copped a one way ticket for £40 each. Win! We’ll be staying in the North West quarter of Venice near the train station because after 3 days we’ll be boarding a train to….

September: Rome, Italy

So after 3 nights in Venice we spend 4 days in Rome. I’ve never been to Italy (unlike The Wife who frequently visits with her mother) so I am excited to take in some culture and history. To see the Colosseum, Roman ruins and Vatican ticks some boxes that have remained unticked for far too long. I always hear great things about Venice and Rome and am watching the clock run down until our little adventure -one month from tomorrow!! I think we bagged the single flight from Rome to London with BA for £32; making for a £72 London to Italy return. Nice. The 3.5 hour high speed train between Venice-Rome was a mere £25 each so it worked out to be a very good price, overall, I think!!

December: Frankfurt, Germany

This was a recent addition to our travels; booked just last week. I was bored at work and searching skyscanner for weekend breaks leading up to Christmas. We’d always wanted to enjoy a nice Christmas market after visiting Amiens, France a few years back and being disappointed with what London had to offer thereafter. The cheapest deal that we found was a £42 return to Oslo. I was pretty sure we’d be set on this; although the market there is not huge I’m sure that the weather there would massively add to the Christmasy vibes. After tallying up the totals for the trip to Oslo (Airport travel, Parking at London Stansted Airport, Travel costs in Norway, Hotel prices etc) we found that this trip became very expensive – in fact it costs more to park at Stansted for 2 days than in does to fly to Norway and back!! Disappointed, we re-ran the search. Frankfurt flights were double the cost at £94 return however we can catch a free bus to Heathrow, take advantage of cheaper travel in Germany, cheaper accommodation, cheaper booze and well… nobody does Christmas better than ze Germans. With a Christmas market that has been operating for over 600 years and one of the largest Christmas fayres in Europe this could be the Christmas to end all Christmases in the Dream Fly Discover household!!

January: Rekyjavik, Iceland. 

Sticking with the cold, wintery vibes we’re heading to Iceland mid-January. Again, we booked this 9 months in advance and got some cracking return flights for just £42 each!! We just couldn’t turn down this deal. Northern lights, hot springs, spas’s… sounds heavenly… besides the weather. It will be one hell of an experience and we seriously can’t wait! We’re currently considering hiring a car or 4×4 so if anybody has any advice or tips then that’d be greatly appreciated.

The Future/2017: The Great Unbooked

There are more than a few places we’d love to visit in 2017 and being our 30th birthdays we’re planning on a few special trips to celebrate being officially adult. We’re currently looking into visiting India and experiencing the Golden Triangle in May (half way between both our birthdays) and then The Wife is dying to have a lay-back-and-relax trip (finally!) to Santorini, Greece. A chilled out holiday is definitely required after having a few years of busy, on-the-move travelling trips.

So There You Have It…

None of these trips come for free! I’m putting the hours in at work so I can enjoy racking up some more air miles over the coming months- that’s what gets me through the long, lonely days at work… and I wouldn’t choose to have it any other way!!

Globe - dreamflydiscover

What have you go in store for the next 6 months? Have you made your 2017 plans already? Have you visited any of the above, and can you offer any tips and advice? I’ve read some great blogs and stories on Venice and Italy and I look forward to reading some more in the coming weeks.

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