Travel-themed Wedding; One Year On

This blog was a scheduled post as we are currently on vacation in Italy. To find out more about our plans in Venice and Rome click here, here or here. You’ll get the full update when we’re home. Today, however, is a very special day…

So those of you with eagle eyes (or I suppose those of you with poor eyesight, seeing as they’re the biggest words on the page) you will have noticed that the title of this blog post is about our wedding.

It is exactly one year since The Wife and I enjoyed our amazing travel themed wedding and in true travel-blog style we’re marking the occasion with a weekend in Venice, Italy. Right now I’m either on a Gondola winding through some sultry Italian canals and whispering sweet nothings into my loved ones ear, sipping on an ice cold Peroni whilst topping up the wife’s Prosecco or I am more than likely picking left-over pizza out of my beard. Romance ain’t dead, ladies….

Also, as the title suggests, its a year since our travel themed wedding and as such, I thought I’d leave you with some photographs of our decoration, ideas and inspirations.

So why a travel theme?  Simple; we’re both addicted to travel so it was a very easy decision to make. Friends and family know that we are constantly planning our adventures months in advance (there’s currently 4 escapes on our calendar!). Our decoration ideas changed during the planning process and went from bold and (perhaps) a bit brash to what I hope you will agree is a tasteful, subtle option.

So the that first our guests knew of the travel theme was a subtle travel stamp that we had made via that included our wedding date, location and an airplane. This stamp was used on all the invitations as a very subtle hint. The invitations themselves were in the shape of old fashioned luggage tags- again, a very subtle sneaky hint. These were purchased and printed through a seller on ebay. You can get an idea of the stamp and the luggage tags in this pic below:


And that was it. The only sign of travel pre-wedding day or even during the wedding itself. The wedding was beautiful in a bright and airy vineyard in Surrey, UK. The sun was shining, the people were smiling and the bride was looking beautiful. The table plan was brought out at around 17:30pm and finally gave way to our travel wedding themed breakfast.

We decided, like so many others, to name our tables after place we had visited together. We chose Las Vegas, Cuba, Marrakech, Egypt, Bruges, Amsterdam, Cyprus, Bangkok and for the top table, our first holiday together, Portugal. To display the table plan we picked an unused mirror from the mother-in-law’s house to frame an old fashioned map. We wrote the names and locations on card and linked them to the destination with ribbon; I like to think that the headline “Where in the world are you sitting?” really captured people’s imagination…


To continue the destination theme, each table received ‘favours’ or small gifts/tokens related to their table name. Las Vegas was a table full of friends who received chocolate poker chips, Cuba was again friends who enjoyed big, fat chocolate cigars. The Amsterdam table received a keyring of a clog (why not?) and Cyprus received authentic Cyprus Delights. Marrakech received small Moroccan tea glasses and the Bruges table (full of the Grandparents) got their hands on some lace handkerchiefs (Bruges in known for its lace, don’t ya know). Egypt and Bangkok received some tasteful ornaments of Pyramids, Camels, Buddhas and Elephants respectively; whilst finally our top table, being family, received something less traveltastic and something a little longer lasting.

On each table The Wife (I’ve been married for a whole year now, woooo!!!) had mocked up a boarding card leaving our wedding destination and arriving on the table destination dated on our wedding day. We also enclosed a home made Polaroid of us two in the table’s location complete with the date of our visit.

To decorate the tables for our travel themed wedding we decided to go about acquiring small, traditional, leather bound suitcases. They were roughly briefcase size or smaller and we would stack them and place them besides our flowers, Polaroids, a paper airplane and a few globes (some freestanding and some on axis). The cases were sourced from ebay and took months to acquire at the right price – thankfully there’s plenty of choice and they’re easy to resell too!! We were lucky enough to find some very stylish, good quality globes thanks to The Wife’s addiction to wedding forums (which has gladly died down). We managed to bag them second hand from another travel enthusiasts wedding. Along with the globes we were given large travel-bound books (not real books, just for show) so decided to alternate our tables with books and suitcases and ended up with the following effect:

Next, we move onto the cake. We didn’t want anything too over the top so we decided on a passport stamp style cake. We met our cake maker and she copied a few authentic stamps from our passports of place we had been. She also took copy of our own stamp that we mentioned earlier in the blog and hand painted these onto the cakes icing. We finished the table off with a photo of ourselves in a travel-printed frame. We were quite lucky that the year we were married these travel-themed frames, doo-dars and whatsits were in all the shops and very easy to get hold of. As you can see we had cake toppers designed to look like us complete with suitcase and Mrs DreamFlyDiscover holding a map.


Our final piece for this blog will be our gift/guest table. We once again took an ebay suitcase but this time we lined it with some map fabric. We also had guests sign a map and put a little heart on their favourite holiday location.


And I think that pretty much wraps it up!! I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing little pieces of our very special day on exactly the one year anniversary of it. Back to my beer, pizza and whispering sweet nothings!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂

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Are you planning something similar or are you looking for ideas or inspiration for your own wedding? Have you been to a travel themed wedding? What was your wedding like? Do you and your significant other share any different passions to design a wedding around? Let us know in the comments below.


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