Venice & Rome Travel Video

Ciao Bella!!

We’ve not long returned from our one year wedding anniversary trip to Venice & Rome.

I’ve got some great blog posts and ideas lined up for the coming days but in the meantime check out the highlights of our amazing trip in this video I put together…

Click here to go to my Youtube video; Sightseeing in Venice & Rome.


I’ve wanted to start making travel videos for a long time so I’m glad to say I’ve finally got one under my belt. I need a lot more practice (which means a lot more exciting holidays) but I enjoyed putting this together and have tonnes of unused footage which I will treasure forever (I’m usually a happy, snappy photo kinda guy, so this is pleasant a change!).

Hope you enjoyed the video.

Arrivederci. New posts coming soooooon……..


10 thoughts on “Venice & Rome Travel Video

    1. Thanks dude, that’s nice to hear. I enjoyed reading your piece on Venice- it’s so relatable. I am writing up on my experiences at the moment and I, similarly, adore that place. No words, photos or videos could ever do it justice 🙂

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