Cloud 9, Fiji. Pizza Perfection.

Five weeks after returning from Italy, my self-imposed pizza ban has been going pretty damn appallingly. In fact it’s embarrassing. Just this weekend I had bought myself a fresh-from-the-deli pizza ready for a Saturday session home alone before finding that The Wife had purchased not one but two pizzas to share with her friends that were staying over that Friday night (an almost identical situated happened just two weeks earlier!!). Add that to the 4 slices of leftovers that I demolished after work one evening whilst my unwell Wife lay asleep in bed and that’s a lot of round, flat dinners. It’s not that I’m a pizzahollic (far from it) or even that I’m addicted to round foods (I had a Burger last night and have recently become super-fond of American style pancakes), it’s just that pizzas are easy, cheap and require absolutely zero effort. Food for the poor and lazy, perhaps.

In Venice and Rome we had some of the best pizzas we’ve ever had, with each pizza setting the standards higher and higher; the ingredients were so fresh, the dough so soft and the cheese so gooey – mmmm piiiizzzzzaaaa -*drools Homer Simpson style*. Today I’m going to look back at my most amazing pizza experience ever. Admittedly its less about the actual pizza and more about the experience -but for the purpose of keeping this blog on theme we’ll gloss over that. . .

Finding Paradise
“Check out this unreal floating bar –CLICK HERE, HURRY“, “An idyllic floating pizza restaurant -THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE –READ NOW“. We’ve all seen these clickbait titles floating around the Internet, be it on Facebook pages, “Related content” adverts or funtastic Buzzfeed-esque lists. In the summer of 2015 Mrs Dreamflydiscover clicked one of these very titles. The article talked of a floating, wooden bar set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It was a pizza restaurant and bar situated in the middle of the deep blue without a spot of civilisation anywhere in sight. People were arriving on jet skis and private boats, the photos looked completely photoshopped and the name itself sounded like something made up by a journalist: Cloud 9. Yeah right.

cloud nine


1. a state of perfect happiness (usually in the phrase ‘on cloud nine’).

To make it seem even more unreal the bar is located miles off of some Fijian islands – it literally couldn’t be any further away from home if it tried. But wait. . . Fiji. . . We were due in Fiji in just a few months time… The Wife got researching and, unbelievably, this stunning vision of paradise actually exists. Without even considering the fact that we already had 2 frozen pizzas in the kitchen, a day trip to Cloud 9 was booked post-haste. A confirmation email arrived soon after “2 hours on Cloud 9 (includes transport, 1 Pizza each and 2 Complimentary cocktails per person)”. It turns out that Heaven is only a few clicks away.

The Day Arrives! 
Two weeks into our Honeymoon we arrive in Fiji and two days later our highly anticipated trip to Cloud 9 is upon us. We’re staying within walking distance of the port so we meet our aptly named ‘Excitor’ speed boat there. You can book group excursions to Cloud 9 that cost around £110pp which includes food, drinks and transfers. You can, of course, make your own way to Cloud 9 (approx £57pp) or arrange for a private transfer but the all-in option is great value (Pizzas are £27 each, for example) and very hassle free. We did fear that Cloud 9 would get crowded with our 20-strong crew of day-trippers, however perhaps it’s best to be part of the crowd than pay way more and be squashed out anyway. Anyhow, anticipation was high -but we were simply blown away but what we eventually saw.. .

A solid 30 minutes journey on our super speedy boat and we could begin to see a platform floating on the horizon as if it was a mirage. As we approached, you could sense the excitement buzzing around out boat. Cloud 9 sits in the middle of nowhere and is a surrounded by the purest, bluest of blue patches of untainted ocean. The wooden hut-like structure bobbles with the waves and the feel-good music can be heard before we disembark our craft. We are greeted by our lively, loud host who runs us through the order of the day and what’s on offer.

Cloud 9 has its own DJ on board spinning relaxing chilled house music, sunloungers and beds for all, plus plentiful snorkeling and diving equipment available for hire (motorsports are coming soon apparently). All this, plus wonderful staff serving up strong cocktails and delicious, fresh pizzas (right, Pizzas… Because this is all about the pizzas… ) .


Words just cannot describe the beauty of this place, so I’ll leave it to these photos. . .

This was a beautiful spot for relaxing and enjoying a little tipple. It was a little busy during our visit but there was easily enough room to grab a sun lounger and never wait in a queue at the fully-stocked bar. We took to the water for a swim but I found the strong current a struggle, despite watching plenty of Aussies and Kiwis making it look a doddle. There’s also diving opportunities off the top deck or, like me, you can make a half-hearted attempt by just sitting on the ledge and falling in instead (it’s a lot higher than it looks -I swear! ).


Despite its isolated location, all food was cooked fresh. The pizzas were hand crafted on board and you could watch the chefs roll the dough before sticking it in the open air pizza oven. Of course, you don’t really care how it tasted. Neither did I because…well… The views. . . Oh the views. . .

We left feeling full, very satisfied and slightly tipsy; fully conscious that this dreamy experience could have all been a ghostly apparition and that we’d wake up in a pool of sweat back home in ol’ Blighty. It was just too perfect. There’s no place on earth like it. That is until, of course, they open another outlet which, speaking to the manager, could be on the cards soon.

So there you have it. . . The best pizza I ever had wasn’t even the best pizza. It didn’t need it to be, I was eating it on Cloud 9.





What’s been your favourite pizza experience? Ever enjoyed an unforgettable beach-side meal? Been to Cloud 9 yourself? Or do you just love clicking on click-baity links down the never ending click hole? Leave me a note in the box below to earn my endless love and respect.


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