Travel Fail: My Sexy Bangkok Injections

Back in 2014 I paid an innocent visit to my doctor, seeking advice regarding vaccinations for an upcoming trip to Thailand. The wife and I were going to be joined by two of her friends in Bangkok before moving around the eastern islands for a few weeks, ending up in Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party.  We were planning on meeting another group of friends who were on their return route from a month down-under and after a very stressful few months (lady)boy were we looking forward to a good few weeks of fun in the sun.
It was our first time to Asia and we were being uber careful in taking the necessary precautions. The doctor had booked me in for a tetanus refresh (in case of rusty cuts) and a hepatitis A shot (contracted from infected food and drink) but he dismissed the need for a malaria tablet. All I needed to do was leave my deposit and pop back next week when they would order in the medication.
A week passes before I nervously find myself in the doctor’s chair.
“Ahhhhhh Thailand,” said the on-shift, oriental, female doctor. “you’re going to have a good time”
Yeh… that’s the plan” I mumbled.
“So let me see… Tetanus shot, check andddd Hepatitis A. This must be wrong…. “
“No, that’s what’s I need. I came last week and… The Internet said… “
“Oh no. You definitely need hepatitis B as well. I strongly recommend them for your own good”

“Really?! Erm.. I don’t think so”

Hepatitis B is spread when blood, semen, or other body fluid infected with the Hepatitis B virus enters the body of a person who is not infected. (i.e. sexytimeeees)
~ DR. CarlVersusLife
“Oh yes. You can’t be too careful”
“But… no… “
“No, please take it. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Things get very tempting when you’re there and plans change. I don’t mean to judge, its OK.”
“Whoa… No…. What… What do you mean?? “
“The girls. They may have… “
“No. Stop. I’m going on holiday with my fiancée. My fianceeeeeeee.”
*awkward silence*
“Oh I see. OK…. No problem.”
So I got my shots and left, feeling a bit bemused. Was my doctor encouraging me to use prostitutes? Meet random Thai girls in bars? Do I look like that type of person?? Really??
“Ah, what’s the worst that could happen? I’ve had my STI shots”.
Don’t forget this a younger, even more immature, baby-faced version of my current self. What exactly did the doctor order?? And what exactly was this young Asian doctor up to in Thailand before she qualified as a GP??? Hmmm….
NB: I’m pleased to report that I returned home from Thailand STI free, Hepatitis free, Malaria free and with my engagement intact. It may also be of note that I haven’t been back to that doctor’s surgery since. And I’m still not too sure what I drank from that bucket at the Full Moon Party either…
So there you go, us males are very typecast when we visit Thailand. I mean, the whole plane was full of middle age men but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all perverts. Yeh. Not allllll of them…. probably. There’s another Thailand travel failshere; or if Asia is your thing, we’ve seen plenty more now and you can read about it all things east here.



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