Planning: Frankfurt Christmas Market

Its the 12th of December. 13 Days until Christmas (like you need reminding) and just a few days before we at CarlVersusLife Towers swap the grey gloom of the UK for a weekend in festive Frankfurt to enjoy a good ol’ fashion German Christmas market.

Where? How? Why?
The idea of escaping the UK for a few days over the festive period has always been an attractive draw to us. A few years back we drove to Amiens, France in early December on a bit of a whim (we booked the eurotunnel Friday evening, left Saturday morning). We had a great time in this beautiful, small town. The main shopping street was full of festive charm and the air was cleaner, crisper and certainly more refreshing than at home. Two years back we opted to visit Hyde Park in London for Winter Wonderland- a full on German funfest. We had fantastic currywurst, bier by the stein and gluhwein on freeflow. Nobody does Christmas like ze Germans – but that’s no surprise, this is visible in every corner of the globe right now as German markets are just everywhereeeee.

Last year for Christmas we pretty much stayed at home- no extravagant trips or markets- but then we had not long returned from our Our Epic Honeymoon so fair do’s there.

So way back in July we sat down to consider our options. Doing a bit of random flight searching (as per usual) I stumbled across return flights from London Stansted to Oslo for just £42pp. Nice. However, Stansted is the opposite end up London to us and Oslo isn’t the cheapest city to spend the night in. We priced up the all-in cost of transfer, hotels, flights and ended on a figure nearer to £130pp. The cheap flight suddenly became a lot more expensive when you add-on the silly little things like transport, food and warmth… We then considered a few German markets and found decent flights to Frankfurt for £96pp from Heathrow. The flights may be twice the price however we can bus to the Heathrow and use the underground easily in Frankfurt. Hotels are also cheaper and the market offers soooo much more than Norway ever could. A third option was Edinburgh- however the price of hotels in Edinburgh is simply extortionate. So Frankfurt it is.


What To Do In Frankfurt
Well we’re here for the Christmas market so I’d imagine we will be mostly taking in the sights. Food, drink and shopping; that is our itinerary. So it’ll be all about the Gingerbread men, hot coffee and ho-ho-ho-ing (actually I better be careful with that since Frankfurt has a huge red-light scene!). I’ve also recently been reliably informed not to order a Latte in a German coffee shop as Latte is a German slang word for ‘boner’ or ‘erection’. So no ordering an extra creamy, hot, Starbucks erection for me on this trip. Phew.

Seriously though, we’re pretty short on an plans besides relaxing, feeling festive and experiencing something new. Romerberg, Frankfurt’s central square, is a beauty to behold and home to the Christmas market; just 5 minutes walk from our door. Kaiserdome provides a 95 meter look out point across the city and should provide some great snaps. The city is also home to several churches and a cathedral; so it is appropriately perfect that we should visit at this religious time of year. It will be interesting to see the contrast between old and new in the busy, financial centre. The city was largely flattened during WW2 however there is still some ancient architecture nuzzled among the new flashiness – an architectural combination I am quite fond of. We’re booked into a walking tour soon after our arrival – one of our favourite ways to get a grasp of a new city- we cannot wait.

I’ll update you when I’m back!


Are you feeling Chrismas-y? What are your Christmas plans? Ever spent Christmas abroad? Where’s your favourite festive market? I’d love to hear below… I’ve a feeling that this could well become an annual event…


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