Versatile Blogger Award

Is this yet another WordPress award ceremony for Dream Fly Discover (now Carl Versus Life)? Indeed it is.  Unroll the red carpet, polish the horns and let the paparazzi do their thing until they are pap-snap-happy.

I’d like to thank my wife for being the bestest travel buddy, my mum, my dad, all my readers, my laptop, plusNet broadband for its literally un-be-fucking-lievable 70% reliability, for making everything so damn tempting, for letting me pay later (and sometimes regret it) and WordPress for making typing a near-daily chore. Sorry… I can’t speak anymore … So emotional right now.
– The Boss, DreamFlyDiscover.

This particular award is one that I haven’t seen before and, as usual, I am both honoured and flattered that a little recognition is thrown my way –  no matter what it is I’ll grab it with open arms and shout about it to the world. The Super-ego Award? For me!?! OMG where do I sign?!?.This time, I’d like to thank the unpredictable, often unpronounceable, blog from Rhiannon over at (onco fonco).  One of my favourite blogs to check into on a regular basis. She’s just returned home from one-hell-of-an-adventure in India and I can’t wait to find out what comes next….versatile-blogger-award-nomination.So the Versatile Blogger Award (I’m calling it a VBA as it sounds cooler) is apparently “given to deserving blogs with less than 1000 followers and it typically recognises the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page“. So lord knows how I got one. I can’t proof read for shit, my language can be terrible and I laugh at my own jokes. For fuck sake, I’m a terrible candidate. But I suppose I’m not the first (or worst) undeserved winner of the 2016 (*cough* Trump *cough* P.S America- please don’t shut me down!). So onwards and upwards –  it could be you next – stranger things have happened. It is still 2016 afterall…..The Rules Are: 

Thank the person who nominated you *tick*

Share the award on your blog *tick*

Share seven random facts about yourself *tick*

Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1,000 followers and let them know that they have been nominated *tick*-ish. I’m not sure on everybody’s follower count... .I’m not the biggest fan of sharing facts about myself… I mean..  Where do I start?? My blog is about my travels –  not me. Why do you want to know about me?! Who are you?! However I’m happy to do my bit and pass the chain along and raise the profile of some of my favourite bloggers- that’s you guys (or 10 of you at least)!! Some of my favourites have possibly already been nominated (I’m always late to the party), so I’ve had to navigate away from some of the well-followed and head to the lesser-known. These awards are always a great way to find new blogs that you may like and all the better than they are recommended by a blogger who you’re already a fan of. Spread the love, click the links..So Here Are My 7 Facts…

1)  I work in central London. Like dead central. It’s always been my dream to work in the city and now I’ve been here for 7 years and I am sick of it. Actually it’s not that bad.. . It’s just I see photos of my workplace EVERYWHERE. Even on the opposite side of the world it’ll be on the news, in magazines or plastered across Billboards advertising the UK as a holiday destination. Just Fuck off. I don’t need work in my face 24/7. Earlier this year in Las Vegas the wife and i were locked in a Sherlock Holmes themed Escape Room for an hour with a young American couple. On the wall was a photo of my workplace. Seriously. Locked in a room in Las Vegas with a photo of work. I could see my manager’s window and I could feel him staring back out at me.  That was a small slice of hell on earth. London… do one (sometimes)..img_20160213_135812

2)  I am a secret blogger. Nobody really knows. At least nobody I know tells me that they know. Maybe everybody knows and they’re talking about me behind my back? I have a Facebook (click here) page that updates when I post and an Instagram (click here) account that does the same (plus the odd holiday photo to boot) … but I haven’t actually told anyone about my blog. I do not speak of it. It’s my dirty little secret. Sure I have a few family members who follow the fb account – a wife,  a mum and a few cousins- but do my friends know? No idea. Friends – do you know??? If you know, let me know,  you know? Next time you see me subtly flap your arms like a bird and give me the wink. Then I’ll know you know, you know?.35317. 3)  I’m addicted to YouTube. Addicted. I could live without TV as long as there is a YouTube. I’m subscribed to a million different channels on a hundred different interests. News, blogs, travel, music, cars, football, you name it. I’ve recently started my own channel where I hope to post some travel videos. Check the page out – here. I’d love to put more up but up until now I’ve been a photo guy rather than a recording guy. That’s slowly changing.  It’s the future. Like garlic bread back in the 90s..66zvvzd

4) I’m a big Geography fan. Not soil, lakes and earthquakes but cities, politics and economics. Since a young age I’ve been a fan of the capital cities and the flags of nations – and ever since then I’ve loved learning about these cultures, how the countries are divided and how they work. I don’t even know what this type of specific geography would be called, but that’s me. I’m all over that. I should definitely work as the foreign office global affairs head honcho. I never studied geography  at school though as it was all about rocks, erosion and climate. Such a bore. I could have changed the world but instead I’m writing a blog and a half arsed YouTube channel. On that note if you’re similarly amused you make enjoy this youtube channel: Geography Now..character-tito.5)  As well as Geography, I love architecture. I have a degree in surveying which was absolutely pointless in my career but I love buildings. I suppose that’s partly why I love travel –  seeing different structures around the world and the different styles and materials used..2558_original_vqfkj6) TripAdvisor. I’ve been using TripAdvisor for as long as I can remember. I’m not the guy who reviews the local chip shop, Nandos or vague places such as “trafalgar square” (how do you let people review things like this?!?) but I will do it for hotels or ‘special occasion’  restaurants. I don’t go checking the obscure corners of my hotel room for dust or nitpick my way through dinner trying to find a fault- I just review it as I see it. I have, in fact over 130 reviews (all with proof reading errors), 94,676 readers and over 100 ‘helpful’ votes. Apparently that puts me in the top 1% in the country – or so the constant emails keep telling me. Still no sign of an advertising deal though. Hisssss..username-goldilocks-come-in-try-the-worst-porridge-that-one-3603398

7) One of my favourite things to do is to go for a drive. I legit love it. This helps that I have a very fun car to drive in my Mazda RX8 231. Its not the fastest car out there but it’ll take on most cars – and be a hell of a lot of fun in the process  The rotary engine revs to 10,000rpm so when you put your foot down it just keeps going and going until the gear change is called for by a fun *beep* sound, then you’re up to second gear and you get to do it all over again. I’ve driven in Australia last year and I’m looking forward to driving in Iceland next year – one day we will do the America’s and I also have loose plans to drive to Belgium for a beer run in the near future..a4b407268e3aa6a89ef4035ab10103aa

8) I love beer too

Well, that was easier than expected. I was like a shaken can of soda waiting to pop. I’m looking forward to see what little facts you uncover about yourselves….My Nominations:

Well that quickly turned into a list of things I love. Oh well, bet you learned some stuff about me, didn’t ya? Or did you just skip it all? My favourite was the bit about hand rearing a baby lamb… wait… what??
Anyways, these are a few of the many blogs that I regularly read, enjoy and look forward to hearing more from…. Thanks for your hard efforts guys!!


  1. – A great blog on hearing loss, Laura is also close to publishing a book on her journey and helpful hints and tips to help others
  2. explore adventure discover – I’ve been following Jenny from pretty much day 1. Woah. That was weird. Back it up Carl…Always great content, top travel blogging.
  3. thelittlemermeg – Top travel stories, fantastic photography and all round amazing blog
  4. – A little too quiet off late; but always with the great blogs and crazy stories; always a gripping read. Looking forward to using her Iceland tips in the new year
  5. Always brimming with content and great ideas
  6. This one always makes me smile when it pops up on my feed
  7. Pretty new to me but absolutely love it. Great blog ideas, nice writing style and the photos are on some National Geographic level.
  8. Kicking Asian ass, one city at a time
  9. Visiting just about everywhere I want to, one step before I do
  10. A final shout goes to one of my longest subscribers for their constant cheerful and uplifting posts.

Now I’m not all too sure these people have below 1000 subs, if they’ve already been nominated or if they’re even the awardy, chainy type. Time will tell!.Thanks for sticking through to the end. And thanks again Rhiannon for the nom..



3 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations! Somehow finding “about me” facts always seems to be a challenge… There seem to be more “secret bloggers” than I first thought – my parents follow mine, but aside from that it’s not something I’ve divulged to friends, perhaps because it’s nice to have readers who are genuinely interested, rather than people reading out of a sense of duty to you as a friend! I love that quirky building, too! I’ll be sure to check out your nominees, should take the edge off an afternoon’s invigilating 🙂


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