2017 Update & Exciting Plans

Hey y’all… just a quick check-in from me.

It’s been a quiet start to the year over at DreamFlyDiscover HQ, adjusting to 2017 and kicking the blog off again was always going to be a bit of a chore but I would have expected a few more posts from myself by now… so sorry to have disappointed.

I’ve spent much of my free time lately playing around with video editing. For example; after returning from Frankfurt Christmas Market. I probably put a few hours into making a video where the same time would have seen me knock out 3-4 blog posts. Last week I did the same but with left over footage from our trip to Venice. But hey ho- I had fun and that was always the core aim of my blog – for me. I have been blogging for approx 6 month by this point and through the many exciting awards (and subsequent Q&As) I soon realised that video editing was probably the way I wanted my blog to move in the future- and so I am really excited that I was able to make slow progress in this sense- albeit at the expense of the written word. Now don’t be disappointed, the written word will still play a massive part in this blog; after all, this blog was intended to be a place where I shared my stories, helped others plan their own adventures and also kept a diary of my travels to one day look back upon. A video can only tell so much – and it’ll probably show the fancy stuff rather than the detailed ins and outs or explanations. This year, I would really like to push the video content whilst also increasing the quality of my writing- more so than quantity. I will probably try to knock out several blogs over the course of a weekend and schedule them for once a week or so- a tactic that suited me well throughout December, although I ran out of content a little quickly with my twice a week schedule…

Now is the time for change.
My Youtube account is under the Carl Versus Life handle whilst my blog is clearly under the label of Dream Fly Discover. When I began this blog I choose the DFD name from a massive list of entries- however I soon grew secretly tired of it. It sounds a bit too corporate and less personal than I would have liked – I enjoy travel blogs from all over wordpress and my favourites are the more personal blogs, where you feel like you get to know the person behind the keyboard; on reflection i think the DFD name distances my personality from the blog a little bit. These are my stories – Carl’s Stories – and I am probably looking to put all my content under the banner of Carl Versus Life in the near future. Watch this space! (Update: Bravo…you’re here!)

I’ve temporarily changed the website’s theme as I found the previous version too image heavy and clunky – though I was originally in love with it I no longer am (and being my #1 visitor and creator I’ve decided enough is enough). You can see that sometimes I can be a little bit fickle… However, I am happy with the new look although the page hasn’t been fully setup correctly- this will take more time that I have at the moment- but it should be back to its best come the end of January when the rebrand should be good to go.

2017 Travel Plans
My 2017 travel plans actually start TOMORROW! WOW. So excited. We’ve planned 4 days in Iceland and I cannot wait! Although the weather isn’t looking great for the Northern Lights I’m very much looking forward to exploring the arctic landscape, thermal spas and snowy downtown bars. We’ve hired a 4×4 and can’t wait to get the adventure -literally – on the road.

April has us heading to Budapest, a city I have been longing to visit – I’m hoping it lives up to the high standards set on our recent visit to Prague.

Croatia comes next, in June as we settle down for 10 days in Dubrovnik. This is the sunshine flakeout that we have been craving for a few years of action packed-non stop adventures. We were tempted to trek India (and more recently our heads were swayed by cheap tickets to Australia) however our bodies are dying for a rest. I usually find myself fidgety and eager to explore and escape the usual beach resorts, so I’m hoping Dubrovnik’s nearby old town and Island hopping opportunities can keep me entertained.

There’s a possible, cheap Poland trip coming up in May with the work crowd and there’s potential for one or two more trips later in the year as well.

As you can see, its a busy year for travels so the blog must go on!! 🙂

My Blog in 2017
So before you know it i’ll be back from Iceland and the blog’s plan will sort of be like this…
– rebrand (✔)
– rename (DreamFlyDiscover to CarlVersusLife) (✔)
– better categorisation and navigation (✔)
– work through old blogs to make sure they fit the new theme (✔)
– updates from Frankfurt and new Iceland related blogging (half ✔)
– more Travel Fail content
– better crafted content
– and at some point I’ll finish writing up my Upside Down Heart Tour – its only been 7 months… Jeeze!

Thanks for an awesome 2016 and I look forward to revamping for the new year – I hope you can still find me! 🙂


6 thoughts on “2017 Update & Exciting Plans

  1. Ooh can’t wait to read about your trip to Iceland – it’s been on my travel wishlist for a while now, but still not got round to planning a trip there! Fiddling around with site themes always seems to take longer than anticipated – hope the transition across to CarlVersusLife goes smoothly and look forward to seeing some more of your video content 🙂

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  2. I was just sat here thinking I haven’t seen anything from you for a while, typed in the URL and the new look completely threw me! Thought I’d mistyped or something, but honestly I love it! Much more clean looking than the old one. Happy New Year to you and Mrs Carl! Looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings for you and the soon-to-be newly-named blog.


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