Iceland Adventures- Video!

Howdy-ho fellow travellers,

For those of you looking a little confused – it’s me, Carl, from dreamflydiscover – perhaps you’ve noticed a change of name/form/theme up in here… well you’d be right. For the new year I’m relaunching, which I explained a little bit here (think caterpillar to butterfly transformation) and whilst the change isn’t quite yet complete I couldn’t help but want to share my latest creation from a fantastic weekend we had in Iceland, mid-January.

Click the image below or this link here.


“We had such a brilliant time exploring Iceland and in this short video you can see clips from The Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Þingvellir National Park, Stokkur and Geysir, Selfoss, Kerið, Seljalandfoss, Skogafoss and Reynisfjara (Black Sand Beach). We drove over 800km in 4 days, taking in the Golden Circle plus a long trip down south to Vik for the Black Sand Beach – it was an amazing and unforgettable journey.”

~ Carl from CarlVersusLife (formerly of dreamflydiscover fame)

I’ve yet to put pen to paper (read: fingers to keys) about my recent trip to Iceland; but here’s a video to give you a taste of the action whilst I continue to work on updating the site and getting new blogs out to you very sooooooooon (yes I’m aware I could have written a blog in the time it took to edit this video but, oh well, I had fun making it – and hope you have fun watching it too).

For more videos from me check out my Youtube channel here.

See y’all in the comments section…


Ever been to Iceland? Is it on your list of places to visit in 2017? I genuinely cannot wait to write more – I could literally burst; we had a blast out there….


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