Paris – Travel Video!

Fresh back from Paris and I’m bang on the blogging… well… the video editing… you should know how things go around here by now…

To be brief, we had a fantastic time in Paris. We were soo busy and did not stop for a minute and yet somehow still barely managed to scratch the surface during our 3 day weekend. We did kind of expect this, what with the size of the city and all, however I didn’t expect to return with such a comprehensive ‘must do next time’ list… (Notre Dam, Cabaret, Montmare, Versailles, Boulangeries – you’re all on the list!).

We did all the things on our Planning Paris list so we’re pretty happy with that; however the nearly non-stop rain put a bit of a dampner (hah) on the weekend and made the photography and videography a bit of a drag. I didn’t even think I’d have enough footage for a video as I didn’t even get filming until well into the second day thanks to the weather. My tripod and stabiliser, that I was soo looking forward to using, barely left the bag and I got nowhere near the quality or quantity of shots I wanted. Still, I managed a little ditty that I’m quite happy with; in a city as picturesque as Paris maybe a little is all you need. So to see a little flash of what we got up to check the video in the link below or by clicking the pic. You’ll see bits from the magnanimous Tour Eiffel, general walky-sightseeing shots from our Bus Tour and Seine Dinner Cruise, delicious shots from the mouth-tingling Laduree plus a few too many shots from our time in the creepy, enchanting Catacombs. Enjoy!

PARIS Carlversuslife – A Weekend in Paris – Youtube

Et Voila! That’s all for now. Be sure to check back again soon for a comprehensive breakdown of our weekend including a list of dos and do nots – plus find out why we were surrounded by an ass-tonne of armed police, armoured vans and shouting Frenchmen outside the Elysees Palace – home of France’s President – yup, you’ll hear all about that in a new Travel Fail coming soon too…


Are you planning a trip to Paris soon? What’s on your list of must-dos? For those that have been – was there anything you missed? Would you return? I’d love to hear in the big blank empty comment box below. Come at me, bro.


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