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Did you know that on the top of my website I have a link to my Travel Reviews? Well if you didn’t know- now you know… and if you’re viewing via the WordPress Reader then I doubt you’ll have ever come across this… so perhaps check out my homepage at and see what else you’re missing… Boom. Welcome to a new world of info-travel-tainment.

Here you’ll find a myriad of reviews lifted from my Tripadvisor page which totals over 144 reviews , over 100 helpful votes and over 100,000 total reads (according to the damn weekly update they keep giving me). As I’ve mentioned before I don’t go reviewing town squares or the local Maccy D’s – but I review places that I have needed to research myself; be it hotels, fancy restaurants for ‘big occasions’ or simply to rave or rant about somewhere unexpected that randomly popped up on my radar. Here’s a few snippets and links to my recent times in Paris, whilst I battle to find the time to write something a little bit more meaningful…

Hotel Ekta – Perfect In Paris 5/5

Just back from a wonderful 2 night stay in Hotel Ekta – the super friendly, perfectly located, simply sexual, modern, art-deco hotel. As you can see from the photographs the hotel oozes charisma, the map shows its perfect location and the reviews speak volumes for the service within.

I’d highly recommend Ekta to others as well as consider a return myself – it simply ticks all the boxes (…click this link to read the full review).

58 Tour Eiffel – Experience Ended Early; 4/5

Its a great idea to say you’ve had dinner in the Eiffel Tower- and what a great experience it is! Until it ends and they want you to leave… 

Unlike some other reviews, I actually really enjoyed the food- although it did feel a bit mass produced and not cooked to order. The service felt rushed but other than a quick food service we were pretty much left to our own devices and never hassled- besides by the photographer (I really cant understand why people would buy photos of themselves in a restaurant in this day and age?!). On the plus point, the view was great and this is a very relaxed and exciting way to visit the Tower. Everybody turns up dressed to impressed and it really does feel like a special occasion (…click this link to read the full review).

Bateux Mouches – 5 Star Romantic Dinner Cruise; 5/5

We enjoyed an exceptional and very memorable evening aboard our 2.5 hour dinner cruise. The relaxing experience was outstanding from start to finish with Bateux Mouches who provide an efficient port/terminal complete with a swanky bar, a very smart boat with a massive top deck viewing platform and a tasty 3 course meal complete with a glass of bubbles and a bottle of wine. Expect a relaxing, slow-paced meal that allows you to fully enjoy the sights along this beautiful stretch of the Seine river – this was in stark contrast to what we felt was a rushed experience at the similarly priced Eiffel Tower evening meal. Whilst the food perhaps did not match the quality of the Eiffel Tower, it was still a decent meal – the cruise was our favourite evening during our time in Paris and I fully recommend it (…click this link to read the full review).


The Catacombs – Buy In Advance; 5/5

As we pulled up besides the massive queue in the pouring rain, our taxi driver burst out laughing. Little did he know that our pre-booked tickets by-passed this orgy of people and we skipped straight to the front feeling like a boss.

The catacombs provided a really surreal but thoroughly enjoyable walking tour- the history, design and concept are simply magnificent. It really is a marvel to behold and its strange how well they’ve actually pulled it off; the place is peaceful, photogenic and… pretty!? Its strange to say but this was a real highlight of Paris for me, personally (…click this link to read the full review).

Big Bus Tour – Highs & Lows 3/5

A mixed experience on the Big Bus, Paris. We used the bus as a way to see the city’s highlights with ease and comfort whilst providing a slight educational tilt. Whilst the commentary was largely enjoyable it was often broken up by repetitive music that went on and on – not helped by the Parisian traffic meaning that there can be some waiting between the points of interest. I heard ‘Daft Punk – Get Lucky’ 6 times in a row before i yanked the audio jack from the slot- there’s nothing lucky about sitting in traffic (…click this link to read the full review).


And there you have it… a reviews page you probably didn’t know exists – yet one of the most helpful pages on my site, particularly if you’re a like minded traveller or visiting these cities soon for yourself!!


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