Blogger Recognition Award

It’s been just over a month now since I gratefully received my Blogger Recognition Award from the fantastically fun and chatty Rosie over at La Grenouille Anglaise, and I’ve finally found the time to plop a blog on the page… which sounds awful… but its really not. La Grenouille Anglaise is a top blog which fuses some of Rosie’s greatest passions- travel, photography and food. She may live in France, but lets not hold that against her- she’s English through and through- check her out on her page, it’s always a hive of buzziness.

Rules of the Blogger Recognition Award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog
  • Write a post featuring the award
  • Provide a brief story of how your blog began and give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Nominate (up to) 15 other bloggers for the award

Once upon a time . . .

After doing a fair bit of travelling with The Wife over a period of about 7 years I felt that it was high time I put my experiences into text. Partly to help clarify my own memories in years to come but also to share some of the crazy capers we’ve got up to along the way – my Travel Fails section is particularly noteworthy for this. I’d written on tripadvisor for years and always enjoyed reviewing my experiences but never even considered starting my own blog… Until May 2016.

The Wife already had a kick-ass blog,, writing about her experiences with hearing loss, providing help and guidance to those in a similar situation (Now available in book form! -all proceeds to charity). This had been running for about 18 months before I decided to take a similar plunge. I’d helped her a little with setting up her page so I had a basic idea of WordPress. Plus in May we’d just got back from a breathtaking weekend in Prague and I was just bursting with things to say about it… I needed an outlet… And so, the blog was born…

From one blogger to another,

  1. You Do You. Don’t try to be like the others, don’t try to fit yourself into other people’s boxes and most importantly just do what you want to do. Be creative, be expressive, be a nasty piece of work if you want to- just be you. Some bloggers spend ages ‘finding their niche’ or trying to draw in crowds by jumping on the hottest new trends… well I firmly believe that your niche is YOU. Most of the blogs I follow, I follow because I enjoy the person’s own story, their own journey. I genuinely find the smaller blogs can be the most enlightening – they are definitely the most raw.
  2. Ask and Respond Alike. You’re probably writing a blog as you’ve got a burning passion. Perhaps you want to share a story or perhaps you’ve experienced something you just need to tell the world about. WordPress is a bloody good community of smarty-pants wearing, in-the-know bloggers free from the click-baity crap filled articles that are spewed out all over the internet by bots or spotty media students that are paid pennies whilst lapping up any ounce of recognition. Never trust a travel article in a newspaper or magazine where the author was,  no doubt, given a free holiday and a bottomless Sangria – its all marketing. They are selling you something. Blogs are (generally) real people and real stories. This is particularly useful in the travel-blog scene where you may find yourself reading about a place that you’ve visited or plan to visit. One massive benefit to blogs versus journalist’s articles is the comments box – so get yourself involved!! Ask for recommendations, give your own inputs- these are real people with real opinions; a fountain of knowledge at your finger tips. No jargon, no sales bullshit, no commission. Input from other bloggers has genuinely bettered several of my vacations…. and you can’t put a price on that.


Explore, Adventure, Discover | One of the first blogs that  I subscribed to and nearly a year later I’m still clicking back for more… A top travel blog, particularly for those weekend getaways!

I’ll Be Right Back | A fantastic travel blog from this non-stop, on-the-go 20-something. She’s recently embarked on a worldwide backpacking tour (currently in Asia) so be sure to jump on the subscription button double quick.

This FP Planet | Back on the scene after a brief hiatus, Michaela has a great blogging style and superb photography skills. Flipping Perfect!

The Little Mermeg | Always providing great tips and travel advice to aspiring travellers. Perfect reading for like-minded peoples like me.

Wales To Wherever | Watching the blog blow up in terms of quality, content and subscribers has been so satisfying to watch. Great travel stories and personal battles too, always superbly and inspirationally constructed.

The Invisible Disability & Me | Biased because its the wife? Bog off… this amazingly helpful blog is now a book- and it is helping stacks of people. The book took months of hard work and is receiving 5 star reviews left, right and centre. Amazingly, all proceeds from the book (inspired by the blog) go to the charity Hearing Link UK. If any blog needs a big recognition then it HAS to be this one (still non-biased, I swear…). What an achievement!

Thanks again to Rosie for the Nom. I appreciate the recognition in spite of my pure laziness lately… I’ll get back into the swing of it soon, I swears it…


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