Photos From Budapest

I’m sorry that I’ve been a bit slow on the blog front this month following our return from a mid-week (early April) jaunt to Budapest. Unfortunately, I haven’t felt the urge to rush home and gush over the Hungarian capital city. I mean… we had a great time and made the most of it… we definitely did that… however my heart didn’t fall for Budapest. Not in the slightest. Truth be told we left disappointed. Shock! Horror! After umpteen city breaks this was the first time that we walked away feeling ‘meh’. Have we become too hard to please? Have we been spoilt by our recent trips to Paris, Reykavjik and Venice et al?

The city was architecturally stunning and would win a beauty battle versus Rome on many fronts… but as a whole, no. Not a chance. Not even a close runner. Whilst the historic buildings were a real beauty to behold we felt the city was too vast and sparse. The architectural gems were often tucked away or behind more modern, boring blocks of sovietesque structures. We found plenty of town squares to gawp at too- but all were completely void of any atmosphere or personality. Just zombie tourists taking selfies and leaving. No ambience, no cultural engagement. Anyhow, this is starting to sound more like a blog post and less of ‘pretty pictures’ post that I intended it to be. Stay tuned for the slightly more controversial than usual blog posts, coming soon. For now though; enjoy the pretty, aforementioned, pictures.



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