Budapest Reviews & Video


I’m alive!! …it seems that everything has been going against this blog at the moment… or at least life is getting in the way of me finding the time to sit down and work on writing new content. Truth be told its a combination of life and not being too enamoured by my recent visit to Budapest (more on that in a later blog). But as some dude once said ‘the show must go on’. And on it shall go.

My pen first hit the paper (or did I finger-bash some keys?) late last week as I updated my Travel Reviews page to include a whole bunch of Budapest Reviews. So if you’re planning a trip to Budapest soon, certainly check it out. You’ll find out in detail why we loved out Tuk Tuk tour and why I absolutely hated the Szechenyi baths. You’ll also learn about a great little pizzeria, a lively ruin pub that you szimply MUST visit and a superb budget apartment complex that’s well worth the bucks.

Sightseeing in Budapest Video
Last week I also found the time to put together a little video of some of the sights we saw in Budapest. As I’ve alluded to in my last post, the architecture was stunning and so it made for a really picturesque video. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the city as a whole- she sure is pretty. The video has already eclipsed 300 views, so click here, here or here to get in on the action. Alternatively you can click the image below. Fancy.

8) Sightseeing in Budapest

If you liked that then check out Weekend in Paris,  Adventures in Iceland or Tips for Driving in Iceland which between them have racked up over 1500 views. Yeesh.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be working on a Budapest run down for next week. And I’ll also update you on the recent wobble we had regarding cancelling our upcoming Croatia trip… its all been going on behind the scenes at CarlVersusLife HQ!!

Have a pleasant weekend and get clicking those vids! 🙂


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