So what do you want to know? Something about the blog? That’s absolutely fine. How about… something about ME? Slightly creepy… but available below (by popular demand).

About Carl Versus Life.

Welcome to my travel blog; a place for me to share my travel videos, my travel stories and my epic travel fails.

Hopefully, somewhere in this myriad of infotainment you will find useful tit bits and insights which will help you find your own personal nirvana (or simply avoid the many pitfalls that I may have encountered!). I definitely just giggled when I wrote tit bits… please expect this level of maturity throughout my writing.

Tits aside (hah!), hopefully you will find this blog/website inspirational, informative and darn right hilarious. If so, check me out on the following:

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About Me

Ok, now the good stuff…

My name’s Carl, I’m from London and I’ve been around the block and over the hill a few times by now. I’m 29 (turning 30) and I have had the travel bug for about 8 or so years. I think it began when I met my (then) girlfriend and now wife. Within 3 months of meeting we had booked our first holiday together and have never looked back. A simple trip to Portugal has since seen us travel around the world (albeit bit by bit) taking in adventures in America, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, the Far East and even Birmingham (never again). We’ve gone from pre-booked, off-the-shelf, all-in trips to planning intricate itineraries, mingling with locals and making sure every trip is a cultural experience. It is now time to share this knowledge. How did we crack Copenhagen in 19 hours? Can you really fit three weeks of clothes into your hand luggage? Was it me who accidentally started the Arab Spring? Keep coming back to watch the stories unfurl.

Why now? After putting the idea off for so long I decided enough is enough. I’m bursting with stories that I don’t want to forget. Stories that need to get heard. Stories which could potentially be serialised into a national newspaper/book/Ted talk/blockbuster movie/religious script/making me a millionaire… or at the very least it will give somebody a few funny jokes to read at my eulogy. Remember that time when Carl tried to start a travel blog? I do.