My Hand Luggage / Camera Equipment Special!

You’ll never guess what’s in this travel blogger’s hand luggage… Continue reading My Hand Luggage / Camera Equipment Special!


The Truth About Travel Blogging…

Yikes. I haven’t posted a blog in 2 whole weeks. That’s the longest I haven’t engaged with my audience since my blog began 9 months ago (except for when I’ve been away discovering new cities, countries or continents). But such is life. You see, I wouldn’t exactly class myself as your ‘typical’ travel blogger… Some of my favourite travel blogs are written by people on … Continue reading The Truth About Travel Blogging…

Buying The Berlin Wall

Pieces of the Berlin Wall are everywhere. They fill the walls of several Berlin tourist shops, they’re at the airport and, evidently, even in cheap €7 per night hostel receptions at 4am (right besides the doughnuts and beers). They come in all shapes and sizes, from that of a small coin to rocks to boulders. But is what you’re buying genuine? Or is it just cleverly marketed construction waste? Continue reading Buying The Berlin Wall