Planning Angkor Wat: The Upside Down Heart Tour

No trip to Cambodia would be complete without a trip to Siem Reap and some good old fashioned exploration of the mind-bogglingly, gigantic religious complex knows as Angkor Wat. The single largest religious site that this planet has ever seen. This ancient city was rampant with over a million inhabitants at a time when London was still in its infancy, struggling with a fluctuating population of around 50,000 largely illiterate lost souls. We’re here to find out Why.. . Continue reading Planning Angkor Wat: The Upside Down Heart Tour

Planning Vietnam: The Upside Down Heart Tour

Having bagged ourselves some cheap, spontaneous tickets from London to Bangkok (see Vietnam. An Accidental Adventure) we soon went about planning our next stop in the Far East. Having already backpacked Thailand in 2014 with the help of some friends, The Wife and I agreed it was time to look for horizons new… Continue reading Planning Vietnam: The Upside Down Heart Tour

Vietnam. An Accidental Adventure

Still recovering from our recent jaunt to Prague its very nearly time for this travel blogger to hit the road again (hit the air doesn’t really work… it just sounds like a very lonely high five, right?). Next stop, Vietnam, Cambodia, andddd (briefly) Thailand! I suppose “why I started a travel blog” has become kind of self-explanatory in this busy month. My blog is here to share my experiences, to learn from otheres and to help me remember these experiences myself! Some vacations are thoroughly planned whilst some just come out of nowhere… Continue reading Vietnam. An Accidental Adventure