Iceland’s Golden Circle (2/3)

We followed Iceland’s beautiful Golden Circle – come and see! Continue reading Iceland’s Golden Circle (2/3)


10 Iceland Driving Tips (with Video)

Hiring a car to get around Iceland was one of the best choices we made during our 4 day, 3 night stay in Iceland. I highly recommend you do so too as it affords you soo much more freedom and flexibility plus you’ll have change in your pocket too (when compared to the expensive coach tours). Whatsmore, the landscape was phenomenal. The scenery was like nothing I’ve … Continue reading 10 Iceland Driving Tips (with Video)

Finding Frankfurt (with Festive Photos)

Just before the turn of the year we spent a festive 30 hours in fantastic Frankfurt, exploring one of Europe’s largest and oldest Christmas markets. Open since 1393, with stalls handed down for generations, the market was full of Deutsche delights. But how was the rest of Frankfurt? Would we recommend a visit? What’s it like it the financial capital of ol’ Deutschland? What is there to do? Let’s explore… Continue reading Finding Frankfurt (with Festive Photos)

Iceland Adventures- Video!

Howdy-ho fellow travellers, For those of you looking a little confused – it’s me, Carl, from dreamflydiscover – perhaps you’ve noticed a change of name/form/theme up in here… well you’d be right. For the new year I’m relaunching, which I explained a little bit here (think caterpillar to butterfly transformation) and whilst the change isn’t quite yet complete I couldn’t help but want to share my latest … Continue reading Iceland Adventures- Video!